Somersby Cider

Creative Brief: U.S. Launch

Somersby Cider is a Danish treat that’s fun, friendly, and a bit fancy. In September 2012, the Carlsberg Group teamed up with Crown Imports to bring Somersby to some lucky U.S. cities. To get ready for the big debut, we did our homework on U.S. cider and alcohol markets. We figured out who would love Somersby the most, when and where they would drink it, and why they would choose it over other drinks. We also thought about how to appeal to the places that sell Somersby, like bars and stores. We used all this information to create a plan and a budget for marketing Somersby in America.

Featured image by Carlsberg Deutschland


Carlsberg (spec)

Skills Involved

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Target market evaluation