Duke Science & Technology

New Program Launch

Duke Science and Technology (DST) is Duke’s signature effort to elevate excellence in the sciences. Through DST, the university will invest in collaborative research and innovation that will advance our understanding of the world and help us solve some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity and the environment.

As leader of our strategy team, I was responsible for promoting this new priority to both existing and potential supporters. We positioned Duke as a pioneer in the sciences and invited others to join us in this exciting journey. I developed a comprehensive multimedia campaign that included online ads, videos, webinars, newsletters, social media posts, NPR sponsorships, podcasts, and print advertising in magazines like Nature. We garnered over 11 million impressions, surpassed industry benchmarks, and raised over $250 million in its first two years – a testament to the success of our integrated approach. DST will continue as the first pillar of the university’s next fundraising campaign, launching in 2025.


Duke Science and Technology

Skills Involved

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Communications
  • Paid media


CASE Circle of Excellence Awards – Advertising (Broadcast) – Silver